Integrating the Vision of the Artist with the Ingenuity of the Engineer.

As CEO of Pixelmonger Studios, CTO of Rival Theory, and CEO of aiCodeMetrics, Scott Billups has been deeply involved in creating AI Cognizant life since the early 90's. His highly chronicled work in this arena has left an impressive trail of breadcrumbs that include television, news paper and magazine articles, and a number of highly popular books.

CLIP #1: aiCodeMetrics - AI Clinician on IBM Watson Health backbone

CLIP #2: Rival Theory - Autonomous Robotic AI

CLIP #3: Rival Theory - Digital Double Pipeline

CLIP #4: Pixelmonger/Rival Theory - AI Prototyper

CLIP #5: Pixelmonger/Rival Theory - Real-time AI driven scene

CLIP #6: A Discovery Channel clip from a mid-90's

  • This technology set involves a significant commitment to human-machine interaction, especially with collaborative, AI curated, team-based approaches. To begin this journey we need to identify epistemological and heuristic issues where virtual collaboration, across a broad swath of topics, will bear the ripest fruit.

    The bottom line, and one that we've proven time and again, is that the deeper your commitment to development within a virtual, physics-based environment, the faster and more agile your iterative process becomes. The almost unimaginable power of an AI agent that can supply relevant content to support real-time interactions that span cultural, linguistic and spatial boundaries is an order of magnitude more efficient than conventional physical approaches.